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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Welcome to Emjaymedia Blog

So, finally, welcome to the emjaymedia blog page which will hopefully expand upon the projects that I am involved with, as well allow me to talk about the stuff that interests me - be that film, tv, politics, sport, books - well, anything really! And hopefully gets some feedback from out there too!

I actually got into the music industry after I left University in 1980, and came to work in Chelmsford, in a record shop called Parrot Records. In those days it seemed like everyone was into music, and the shop was at the centre of the scene. Along with a pub called the Prince of Orange.
Both Parrot Records and The Prince of Orange have long since gone, but last weekend a reunion was organized of everybody that was part of that fantastic time. For one more day, the Prince of Orange pub opened its doors again. And what a day it was - hundreds came from far and wide to be part of it, and if the mixture of punks, goths, bikers and skins wasn't quite as obvious as in its hey day, nevertheless the atmosphere, the humour, the conversation was like stepping back in time! Music was a common bond, then and now and it was a timely reminder for me about how, and why I fell in love with music.