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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Pinnacle 1 Year On

So, a year ago, everything changed. The men in grey suits marched in to Pinnacle, and told us all that the Company was being put into Administration. 3 hours later, we were all out of a job. People say to me now, yes but surely you must have had an inkling that it was coming? But we didn't. Despite all the chaos going on in the Industry - including the collapse of EUK a week earlier, we thought ourselves to be safe. A new MD had recently been appointed and he had reassured us all that the finances were in place and that we could be confident of the future. It just didn't seem possible that a Company the size of Pinnacle could just collapse like that.
Losing a job I loved was a terrible blow, but the worst of it was losing friends.
It took a few days for the whole thing to sink in - to try and get organized and fill in paperwork, sort out appointments with the dole office, talking for hours on the phone with friends in the Industry who were just as shocked as we were. The routines we were used to all gone, new ones now had to be established. Christmas 3 weeks later gave you a false sense of reality. Because everyone was on holiday, it didnt feel like much had changed. Christmas presents had already been bought, plans had been made. So it was easy to feel like everything was normal. Apart from the signing on at the dole office - which really did bring it home to you. Oh, and when they came to pick up my Company Car. That was a low moment.
Reality only really reared it's head in January, when everyone headed back to work.

2009 has been a very challenging year - but I am still here, surviving. I have a very different type of work routine now, but me being me, I have been very pragmatic and disciplined. Though things are not easy, I am proud of what I have achieve so far in setting up my own Company, and working with a new set of artists. It some ways it is very liberating - but I do miss that regular pay slip! But on the other hand I have met some great people this year that I wouldn't have, but for Emjaymedia and I am still able to work in the industry I love. Hopefully this year has laid the foundations for next.
I miss Pinnacle, but I regret none of it. 16 fantastic years, working with some amazing artists and labels - enjoying being able to have No1 albums and singles as an Independent - and making the best friends it is possible to have.